1999-2002 Nissan Model S15 Series Service Manual

Format File   :  pdf  ( Adobe Reader )

Harga           :  Rp. 50.000,–  ( belum termasuk ongkos kirim )

Spesifikasi :

Service Manual ini untuk Nissan Model S15- Series diproduksi antara tahun 1999 – 2002, dengan  menggunakan engine type 2.0 L DOHC – Turbo I4 ( SR 20 DET ).

Index :

  • General Information
    Engine Mechanical
    Engine Lubrication And Cooling Systems
    Engine Control System
    Accelerator Control, Fuel And Exhaust System
    Automatic Transmission
    Manual Transmission
    Propeller Shaft And Differential Carrier
    Front And Rear Axle
    Front And Rear Suspension
    Brake System
    Steering System
    Body And Trim
    Restraint System
    Starting And Charging System
    Heater And Air Conditioner System
    Electrical system
    Alphabetical Index

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