1972 – 1974 Suzuki LJ20 dan LJ20V Service Manual

Format File    :   pdf ( Adobe Reader )
Harga            :   Rp. 50.000,-  ( belum termasuk ongkos kirim )

Manual ini berisi informasi konstruksi, prinsip-prinsip operasi dan instruksi check, pengaturan dan pemeliharaan engine, body, dan electrical system Model LJ20 and its panel van conversion Model LJ20V,and truck models L50, L51 And L50V ( panel van )
Section Index :
* Foreword
* Specification
* Special Tool
* Engine
( Carburetor, Fuel Pump, Air Cleaner, Fuel Filter, Reed Valve, Exhaust System, Procedures of Engine Overhoul, Cylinder Head, Cylinder, Piston Ring, Piston, Crankshaft, Oil Pump )
* Cooling System
* Starting And Charging system
* Clutch
* Transmissions
* Transfer Gear
* Propeller Shaft
* Front And rear Suspension
* Steering System
* Tires
* Brake system
* Body
* Wiring Electrical

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