Mitsubishi Engine 4G9X Series

Format File    :   pdf ( Adobe Reader ) ; 171 halaman
Harga            :   Rp. 30.000,-  ( belum termasuk ongkos kirim )

This Manual for Only Mitsubishi Engine Manual Type 4G9X ( 4G92, 4G93 And 4G94 ).
Mitsubishi 4G9x engine Series has been widely used by Lancer, Carisma, Pajero, Space Star, Space Runner etcetera. It also comes with many variant of elements, such as MIVEC, GDI, with single overhead camshaft (SOHC) and double overhead camshaft (DOHC).
This manual comprises all features on 4G9x engine, how to perform troubleshooting, how to maintain the 4G9x to the best performance, disassembling the engine, reassembly, inspecting the engine to meet the factory value, each tightening bolt torque informations etc.
Section Index :
1. Specifications
2. Special Tools
3. Alternator And Ignition system
4. Timing Belt
5. Fuel And Emission Control System
5a. Throttle Body And EGR System ( GDI )
6. Intake and Exhaust Manifold
6a. Intake Manifold ( GDI )
6b. Exhaust Manifold ( GDI )
6c. Injector And Fuel Pump Assembly ( GDI )
6d. Intake and Exhaust Manifold
7. Water Pump And Water Hose
8.Rocker Arms And Camshaft
8a. Rocker Cover And Camshaft
8b. Rocker arm And rocker Shaft Caps
9. Cylinder Head and Valves
10. Front Case And Oil Pump
11. Piston And Connecting Rod
12. Crankshaft, Cylinder Block, Flywheel And Drive Plate

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